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22:05:2024 г.

Поздравления коллегам с Новым годом в прозе на английском языке


Congratulations to colleagues on the New Year Pigs in prose in their own words

Beautiful and original greetings to the team on the New Year of Pigs and thanks from the boss in prose, the text wishes are comic and funny to their colleagues in their own words in English

Words from the boss

Dear colleagues, we are on the verge of the expiring year. I will begin by thanking you all. Despite the fact that the whole year life presented various obstacles and obstacles, you managed to overcome everything. The beginning of each year brings you a step closer to achieving your dreams. Let only in the New Year the dream be with the date. But this is the goal. Step by step we will go to our goal and make it a reality. Have the courage to fight for your dreams. Do not stop and strive forward. Fill your heart and mind with joy, positive thoughts and faith in our common success. Congratulations!

Prose to colleagues

Dear colleagues, on the eve of the New Year, we more and more understand how close we are to each other, our mutual support helps us all in translating our concepts into life and maintaining active creative work. It brings hope, helps develop, move forward and achieve success. I want to congratulate you and wish that in the New Piggy turned into a piggy bank, which will be filled with health, happiness and success!

Dear colleagues, the long-awaited event is approaching. Very soon the New will come into its own. Thank you for working fruitfully every day for a common cause. I wish you neither to lose heart, nor to pay attention to minor setbacks, look ahead positively, expecting clear joyful events in the future.

Dear friends! With all my heart I want to congratulate you on the upcoming year! Truly, diligence, sincere dedication and professionalism are the key to the reputation of our team and its successful development. We know for sure that in the coming year we will be able to solve any complex tasks. Let the most daring projects and dreams come true, and success will depend on your every undertaking. Let hardships stay away from your home, and peace and harmony will always be there!

Dear friends! Congratulations to all of you! New Year is coming soon! Let him bring the fulfillment of all your plans. The outgoing was not easy for us, but we have shown that we can really overcome obstacles, make new plans, achieve our goals. I firmly believe that we can do this in the future. Indeed, in the Year of the Pig, it is necessary to drop all fears and begin to live a king size life! The time has come to meet new challenges and realize all your dreams!

Dear friends! Congratulations on the New Year of the Golden Pig! What would you call a pig that won the lottery? I would call her: "Dirty rich!". So I wish you in to win all the life lotteries! Let success accompany you throughout the year. And you will surely become rich with happiness, health and love, like our piggy of dirt.

Dear Colleagues! On the threshold of the new 2019 year. According to the eastern calendar, its symbol is considered a yellow pig. If you believe the forecasts and horoscopes, then this year promises to be rich in positive events and successful in achieving goals. And right now to everyone who does not trust astrologers, I suggest believing them to make things happen exactly as predictors predict.

Dear colleagues, comrades, the year 2019 has almost arrived, and in this connection, I congratulate everyone on Happy New Year! We would like to sincerely wish that this year we won a huge number of victories, that there were more bright moments in life and there were many bright memories. I wish the new year brought greater success to our company and brought a huge number of customers and high-quality developments.

The new, grunting 2019 year is approaching. I, in turn, am in a hurry to congratulate you, dear colleagues, on this holiday filled with magic! I would like to wish you that our joint work would be useful and successful, that our work affairs would have only positive results and that would bring good profits. Of course, I wish you and your loved ones good health, and that only a good-natured and cozy atmosphere surround you at home.

Красивые поздравления коллегам, текст с Новым 2019 годом Свиньи в прозе, благодарность от начальника, пожелания своими словами на английском языке.


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